Leather Embroidery to A.D. 1600

by Ken Stuart (kps1@cornell.edu)

Last updated: Dec. 22, 2023

This site presents an ongoing effort to catalog every known embroidered leather item up to about A.D. 1600.

To-date, some 117 archaeological sources have provided information about various kinds of embroidered leather items, mostly shoes. Hundreds of articles and books have been consulted while tracking down details on these artifacts. A few web sites have been located and accessed to view and learn about some of them via high-resolution photographs.

More details about the results will be made public in the near future, pending outcomes of discussions with a publisher. If you would like to be notified when that happens, contact the author above.

Criteria for inclusion / exclusion

Table of helpful terms

When researching scholarly articles, it can be helpful to have a table of words and phrases that might be useful in searching them for relevant discussion. So far, I have found related articles in the following non-English languages.

LanguageEmbroideryLeatherDecorative thread / seam
Czechvýšivka / vyšívanékůžeozdobná nit
Dutchborduurwerk / borduursel / geborduurdeleer
Germanstickerei / bestickung / besticktlederZiersteppereien / Ziernaht
Norwegianbroderi / brodertelærpyntesøm
Polishhaft / haftemskóra
Russianвышикожадекоративный шов

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